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Meet warsaw.ex founders and discover our story

Our story begins in November 2018…

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Our Story

We created warsaw.ex to bring together Alchemists and provide a place for the community to grow and learn. Our mission is to share knowledge and help anyone interested in using Elixir.

During each of our meetups, we introduce new speakers who explain the traits and recipes for Elixir programming. We’re a non-profit community of programmers and our events are free of charge.

Thanks to the sponsors that support us we can host meetups each month.

Join us, there’s loads to discover, and we have beer 😉

Our Founders

photo of Kamil Kowalski

Kamil Kowalski

Engineering Manager at Fresha

photo of Robert Maciejewski

Robert Maciejewski

Ruby Developer at Visuality

See us on the next Meetup!